Hello you wonderful lot, welcome to a new episode of the InDependent Spouse. This week I have been talking to founder of YourNorth, and RAF Veteran Kelly Farr.

Before we get stuck in to the episode I should tell you about the wonderful sponsors of this series – the RBL.

The Royal British Legion offer all members of our Armed Forces community support. But they also understand that sometimes what’s needed is just a bit of advice. Whether it’s recommending specialised services, advise on housing, finances or employment, they’ve got your back. Just search for the Royal British Legion online.

Your North launched in 2020 mid-pandemic and delivers accredited mental health training courses, wellbeing workshops and personal development coaching, to everyone. The husband and wife team who are both RAF Veterans, and therefore military partners have a special insight into the military life so this episode is full of handy tips for business and self-care for everyone in the military community.

I hope you enjoy todays episode.