Emma Gray hosts this very special episode blending business and military life, sharing Jess’ journey as a business owner, military spouse, and new mum.

Jess Sands founded the Milspo Network CIC in 2018 to support military spouses in business, offering networking, training, and community – but, it’s been far from a smooth ride.

Get to know Jess and why Milspo exists by listening to this unique episode of The InDependent Spouse podcast.

Emma Gray is a Widow, mother and solicitor (non-practicing), now helping others as an adulting coach, trainee counsellor and grief expert. Find her here https://www.rainbowhunting.co.uk/

The InDependent Spouse podcast was created to give a voice to those who are most often hidden in the shadows of their brave, serving military partner and who are achieving amazing things. Since 2018, Jess Sands has been sharing these stories, alongside building the Milspo® Community – a network of over 1,400 military spouses, partners and other halves who are building epic businesses that THRIVE, not just survive in a modern military world.

– If you’re looking for further inspiration why not join our community and connect with others – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MILSPO

– Read Jess’ latest Book – Building Business Beyond the Magnolia Box: Inspiration for entrepreneurs living in a modern military worldhttps://amzn.eu/d/3ASq6VT

– Get your FREE business start-up guide HERE – https://milspo.co.uk/start-your-dream-business-free-download/

– If you dream of starting your own business, but don’t know how to get beyond the idea stage, then apply to join Milspo’s ‘Launch Accelerator’ business start-up course.

Thanks to incredible support from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, this course is FREE and will coach you through starting and building a robust business that’s designed to survive multiple house moves and all that armed forces life throws at you. The first course begins in the Autumn of 2024 and we’d love you to join us: www.milspo.co.uk/course.

– Or, join our Milspo Membership, the Inner Circle. The best business incubator to help build your business or side hustle – https://milspo.co.uk/milspo-inner-circle-waiting-list/

Milspo®, The InDependent Spouse®findamilspo and The Milspo Inner Circle are all part of the Milspo Network CIC – a volunteer organisation and social enterprise built by the serving spouses, partners and other halves of ALL UK military personnel to support the community’s entrepreneurial endeavours. We get it because we live it every day, and we want everyone to find inspiration, support and a community that helps make military life a little bit better – a rising tide lifts all boats.

Founded in 2018, the Milspo Network CIC has been built on the goodwill of its members and the support of its volunteers. After a series of failed funding bids and a struggle to change the narrative of why this community needs that extra bit of support, we are now looking for sponsorship or financial help so that Milspo can continue to provide into 2024.

Please do spread the word or connect us with those who would like to make a difference and directly support the military family, a community at the heart of the UK Armed Forces and all it does.