On 21st June 2021 the Barclays and RAF Astra sponsored career guide, Career Pursuit, will arrive at Military base information offices across the UK and online. Seen by many as the ultimate free career guide, Career Pursuit is a one-stop-shop magazine providing tailored advice to military spouses, partners, and veterans looking to build a career that works for them.

Created by Military spouses and partners, including Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Helen Massy, designed by our Milspo founder, Jess Sands and printed by a Veteran, the magazine has been created as a direct response to the UK Government’s ground-breaking report into the effects of Military service on family lives, most notably the challenges spouses and partners have regarding their working life. Career Pursuit delivers solutions to military spouse and partner employment problems highlighted in this seminal government report entitled “Living in our shoes”, by bringing advice and resources for both job seekers and entrepreneurs in this annual publication.

Launched as a pilot magazine last year, the importance and influence of Career Pursuit were quickly recognised, leading to sponsorship from Barclays and RAF Astra. From being produced at a kitchen table, it has grown to be a fully-fledged publication with 900 copies distributed to Army, Navy, and RAF information offices UK wide. In addition, a digital version of the magazine is freely available globally, ensuring military spouses and partners are supported in both the UK and overseas: https://www.medicalandhealthwriter.com/career-pursuit

From articles on how to start a podcast to pensions for business owners, what you need to know about salary negotiation, and how to access free digital marketing courses – Career Pursuit is a wealth of advice, resources, and valuable contacts. This enables military spouses and partners to successfully build a career or business of their choice despite the challenges of military life.

“There has long been a need to combine career resources available to military spouses and partners to remove the difficulty of accessing advice and raise awareness,” says Helen Massy, Editor-in-Chief at Career Pursuit. “The need for this magazine is evident with over half of all military spouses and partners being unaware of what career support is available to them.”

Career Pursuit is designed to inspire, inform, support, and connect military spouses, partners, and veterans, including:

  1. Advice for job seekers
  2. Advice for entrepreneurs
  3. Information and contact details for resources, companies, training, courses, and mentoring available

Career Pursuit has been entirely produced by military spouses, partners, and veterans, providing actionable advice from the people who have already overcome the challenges of building a successful career or business whilst moving with the military.

The future of the magazine looks bright as plans are afoot to expand the magazine size and reach, with a goal to enable hard copies to be available in every service family accommodation upon moving in, within the next few years.