The BeGlad Movement is a fantastic concept. Pollyanna is on a mission to bring you as many stories as possible of good coming out of bad and reasons to BeGlad. She interviewed me as number 94 of her 100 guests in 2018 – and here is my story…

Jess Sands gave up her amazing graphic design job and the comfort of friends and family in her home town to move closer to the base of her then boyfriend who is a pilot in the Royal Air Force.

As they were not married yet they were not entitled to military accommodation on the base so they lived in Witney which was close by. 

​Due to operations in Afghanistan and other duties Jess’s boyfriend was away a lot and she became very lonely, mostly only venturing out and talking to the lady in the local shop when she ran out of food. She was not happy.

While on holiday Jess came to the conclusion that she needed more in her life, that her sense of self and purpose had been lost along the way. She set up her own design business and also a podcast documenting the achievements of military spouses in a bid to showcase that life as a military spouse was not all doom and gloom, and if anything we needed celebrating all the more due to our determination to achieve these things against the odds of deployments and constant uncertainty of location etc.


The BeGlad Movement is aiming to collect 100 stories of good coming out of bad and reasons to be glad by the end of 2018 to help support each other with our experiences and to raise money for the Samaritans and Action for Happiness. If you would like to donate it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!