21 03, 2021

Empowering You: Employability Advice for Military Women & Spouses

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The lovely team at RFEA invited Milspo to join them at their very first live employment workshop. In this video Jess tells us [...]

17 03, 2021

047 : Pre-Series 5 Special – Jess is interviewed by Alex from Give Us Time

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Time for something a little different. Jess, host of The InDependent Spouse was asked to be a guest on the Give [...]

30 08, 2020

Why I’m no longer subscribing to the myth that Military spouses & partners are resilient

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We are continually being told that military spouses and partners are incredibly adaptable and resilient, but is that really the case? Is [...]

14 08, 2020

Dear Milspo – I see you – and you are NOT failing. You are doing a fantastic job!

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We are often told in the press or by others in our community how adaptable the military spouse can be. We are meant to [...]


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