Congratulations! You’re one step closer to connecting with a growing network of Milspo business owners.

There’s a community of fantastic business leaders worldwide who achieve extraordinary business success whilst living ‘the magnolia wall life’. It seems such a shame that we miss out on knowing and supporting each other because of location, which is why connection is at the heart of Milspo.

At the Milspo Network, we connect like-minded military spouses, partners and other-halves for support, encouragement, and help celebrate wins in business and life!

Below you’ll find links to our initiatives that will help you connect with others who will inspire your business dreams.

We may not be able to control detachments, postings or even the colour of our carpets. Still, we can take back control and show the world what entrepreneurial military spouses can achieve in business.


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I believe that just because we are with someone in the military doesn’t mean that we can’t be influential in business and experience a profoundly satisfying and successful life.  It is because of our unique experience that we are so well equipped!  Sign up to stay in touch and receive support straight to your inbox, or email me – – and I will be in touch!