It seems like we will be spending a lot of time inside these magnolia walls, potentially alone or maybe without any adult company….and we all know how rubbish that can be! Let’s meet up – online!

Milspo Meet-Ups from The Milspo Business Network™ – Every Wednesday, 10.30 BST.

Log-in each week and join others, just like you for a supportive and informative group chat. We talk about business, how you are coping with the recent events and how our amazing community is pulling together to support each other.

As time progresses we’ll have themed meet-ups and expert speakers and will break into smaller groups for focused discussions.

ALL military spouses, partners, and other-halves running or thinking of starting a business welcome.

Mar 18, 2020 10:30 AM
Mar 25, 2020 10:30 AM
Apr 1, 2020 10:30 AM
Apr 8, 2020 10:30 AM
Apr 15, 2020 10:30 AM
Apr 22, 2020 10:30 AM
Apr 29, 2020 10:30 AM

What is MILSPO?
The Milspo Business Network™ is a global network that supports all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves to build the business of their dreams. Using digital solutions to provide valid and functional training, networking and access to a community not limited by location. A network to help inspire this often isolated but inspirational community living the ‘magnolia walled life’ and running their own business. The Milspo Business Network is a subsidiary of The InDependent Spouse CIC.