The Milspo® Business Network is all about connecting the community, no matter where we are posted so that we can all be inspired by each other’s successes.

Leading the charge of the network are the Milspo® Ambassadors, business leaders who are experienced in military life and are partnered to serving or retired military personnel. The Ambassadors are committed to supporting and enabling the growth of Milspo® owned businesses throughout the UK and abroad. They regularly give guest talks to share their expertise and have a wealth of knowledge in all fields of business. A few have been guests on the podcast series.

This team is the heart behind the Milspo® Business Network and such a kind and friendly bunch who will welcome you with open arms to the community.

We are very proud to announce that the wonderful Emma Gray has become our newest Milspo® Ambassador. 

Emma Gray, is a former solicitor whose dreams were shattered when her Royal Marine husband died at the age of only 38 years old from oesophageal cancer. Although she was a legal expert in Wills, Emma’s worst nightmare came true when she had to deal with her own husband’s probate.

Despite the lonely role of being a widow and solo parent to her two bereaved children, Emma discovered what she calls “Rainbow Hunting”: looking for the smallest break in the clouds and rain to find hope and joy, even in the darkest times.

Emma set up Rainbow Hunting to help others who find themselves in similar tragic and difficult circumstances. Emma has paused law to train to be a counsellor and write a book on her experiences. Emma hopes that her website and new path will help guide others through the toughest of times, so that they can find their own rainbows and learn to dance in the rain.

Emma is on the National Board of Solicitors for the Elderly and is an Ambassador for the charity Widowed and Young (WAY), for whom she has set up a WAY Military Sub-Group.

Below Emma has written a blog on her own website that we wanted to share here.

From Emma…

During the housebound days of the first lockdowns I discovered a group of wonderful people who helped me get through the isolation of solo parenting during the pandemic.

The organisation I discovered is The Milspo Network CIC. “Milspo”, as it is known for short, supports spouses, partners and other-halves of serving UK military personnel who are building the businesses of their dreams. Milspo connects and inspires its members no matter where they are posted.

The Milspo community connect with each other through various social media channels.  They have regular online meet-ups which take the form of virtual networking, guest speakers and, my favourite, the Milspo Month Review & Goal Setting sessions. Previously isolated SME owners use this group to grow worthwhile connections within an engaged community.  In addition, the founder of Milspo, Jess Sands, has created The Milspo Movement, a grassroots campaign that is on a mission to encourage everyone to support, value and buy from our entrepreneurial spouses, partners and other-halves of the serving UK Armed Forces.

At the beginning of September 2021, I was invited to be the first guest of season five of the Independent Spouse podcast. The podcast is a series of fun, informative podcasts sponsored by the Royal British Legion that shares the stories of various inspirational Milspo members and other people who impact on their lives. I have written a separate blog about my guest appearance which you can find here. In the conversation I shared the personal story of becoming a widow and the impact on my family as I move forwards in my new world of solo parenting.

To be asked to join the team behind the network, championing Milspo-owned businesses across the UK and abroad, is a true honour. I have met lots of inspiring and committed military spouses, partners and other-halves who have been more of a support to me than they can imagine.  I am now excited to be part of this amazing organisation and help others with growing their Milspo owned businesses alongside the magnolia-walled military life they have joined.

Here are my thoughts…

  • Find your tribe: Humans are social beings, and life is more enjoyable when we find a group of people who ‘just get it’.

  • Huge honour: Becoming a Milspo Ambassador is a privilege for me and I look forward to spreading the word about the wonderful Milspo community.

  • Life as a military other-half is tough: Loving someone who does a risky job can lead to a lonely life path but it can be made easier if you walk with like-minded souls.


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