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A FREE 5 day challenge to give you the best year in business

Save the date! Starting on the 16th of January, 2023

You have the power to create something extraordinary – a business that showcases your strengths, feeds your ambition, and inspires you to think big despite the pressures of our military lives.

It’s a new year! Three hundred sixty-five amazing days to achieve everything you can dream of in your business. But where to start? 

It can be exciting and overwhelming when you think of the year ahead, especially with so much uncertainty arriving at the start of 2023. And so, to help, I’ve created this five-day challenge to help you kick-start your year, get laser-focused on your business goals and help you build that posting-proof business.

We’ll be exploring what to take from 2022, writing goals for 2023, and giving you the formula to visualise your best year and work towards it daily. Together we will help you escape imposter syndrome, know your worth and how to plan your best day by ‘eating that frog…and his friends!’ – it’s going to be a fantastic challenge, and I am so glad that you’ll be joining us!

I hope you enjoy the journey and that it inspires and empowers you to create that genuinely brilliant business you deserve! Save the date now and head to our 2023 Business Boost Challenge page for all of the info – https://milspo.co.uk/2023-business-boost-challenge/