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Links always shared in the closed Facebook Group – but, do make a note of the date, so you don’t miss it. These happen ever other week, so add the dates to your diary.

Happy, positive, informal online chats over Zoom for if you’re feeling a bit lonely or overwhelmed during this pesky pandemic!

These informal, online chats are a way for our community to check-in, discuss the pandemic’s uncertainty, and, most importantly, connect with like-minded people. We can talk about anything – or not! You’re very welcome to join us, bring your small people if you need to, but most importantly reach-out if you need us. We would love to see you!

Since the start of March 2020, these online meet-ups have been running as a direct response to the lockdown spreading through Europe. As our friends posted abroad reached out were able to join up with them, make sure they were ok, and support them through those dark first days – and now, they do the same for us! 

These meetings are one of the most wonderful support events created by the Milspo Network, and they will evolve in 2021, so we can also offer offline meet-ups for anyone who might need them!


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