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Join us for a fun Instagram Challenge…our Milspo Photo of the Day Challenge 2021! We share a unique photo prompt for every day of the week, and you share a photo a day for each prompt. From the 24th-30th May. Just 7 easy to follow themes that can help you meet other Milspo’s and build you business.

How do I take part in the Milspo Photo A Day?

You can share your photos through any of the social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your Blog, Flickr, etc.

You can tag me @milsponetwork on your social media sites too if you want me to be able to see it. Simply add the hashtag #milspophotoaday so that the rest of us who are joining in can follow along and we can all see your photos.

What is a hashtag and how does it work?

A hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed by a word of short phrase (without a space) that describes or classifies your tweet or photo on Twitter or Instagram.  If you click on a hashtag you will be taken to a list of tweets or pictures all containing the same hashtag. It’s like a key word search option on social media and makes it easier to be found.

How can I see other Milspo’s posts?

Once you’ve shared your own photo, and included the hashtag #milspophotoaday, simply click on the the hashtag.  You will be taken to a screen with everyone’s photos who have also added #milspophotoaday hashtag.  Go ahead and comment and like each other’s photos.  This way everyone gets to know you’re joining in too.

But, what if I forget to post a photo one day?

Don’t you worry! You can play catch up, or just start again. Just do what suits you best. You could possibly schedule ahead, or make a note in your calendar to keep you on track. The point is to get you to record your business pictures and have fun.

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