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Inspiring entrepreneurial military spouses, partners & other-halves to be empowered in business, re-define their identity & gain confidence – through quality, tailored, online training from business experts

Join likeminded, entreprenurial Milspo’s in a very special online membership community

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to launch and build a successful transient business, that survives postings, deployments and modern military life. Delivered by business experts who are also living the ‘magnolia walled life’.

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‘You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think’

You may be struggling to find a meaningful job because of this life – you’re not alone. Military life is tough, we know that because we are living it every day. But we are also a community that is making amazing things happen, turning our passion into profit despite the challenges of military life. And you are a part of it!

Hundreds of Milspo’s have already taken back control of their careers through the power of entrepreneurship. Now you can learn from their experiences


The skill sets of this armed forces community are no different to any other community, yet we are often perceived differently by business.

It’s time to break those barriers, move away from the stereotypes and show the world just what we are made of.

We are natural leaders with a mission to create amazing businesses, no matter what service life throws at us.

We are here, we are seen, and we are making a difference!

Why running a business as a ‘military spouse’ is amazing!

How to run a business through a military posting

Why starting a business isn’t as scary as you’d think