At Milspo we support all military partners in business and know exactly just how special our members are, which is why we are so proud to see that our Milspo Ambassadors Emma Gray and Nadine Monks have been shortlisted as finalists for the 2022 Celebrating Forces Families Awards.

Emma Gray Shortlisted as Overcoming Adversity Award 

‘With so much adversity in the world and in particular amongst military families, I feel so touched to be a finalist for an award that could be given to so many in our community. Thank you so much for the nomination.’

Nadine Monks Shortlisted as Armed Forces Advocate of the year

‘The winner publicly and positively supports the Armed Forces. This could be a school, group/club, family or an individual!’

And Nadine’s Business, Forces Family Finance Shortlisted as Exemplar Forces friendly employer of the year

‘For the employer who has signed the Armed Forces Covenant, uses Forces Families Jobs and is actively seeking and supporting the employment of partners of those who serve in the Armed Forces.’

We are also proud to see military partners who have been showcased in The InDependent Spouse podcast series also shortlisted as finalists. Congratulations to Heather from FWC, Andrea from B’s Clothing, Nikki Scott, Charlotte Harker, and Georgie Muir. You can listen to their inspirational stories here.

As keen advocates for military spouses, partners, and other-halves in business, the Milspo Team are proud to volunteer their time to make these awards a success! The event is hosted by the Partner Employment Working Group, an MOD forum which features representation from within the Milspo Team.

This black tie awards evening is being organised to give thanks for, and focus on, the huge contribution that UK military families provide to the whole Armed Forces community, and the MOD is supporting the event through its Partner Employment Steering Group. It will take place in London at the Victory Services Club on Friday 29th April 2022, where shortlisted nominees will be invited to be part of an Awards Evening to remember.

We cannot wait for the awards in April and are looking forward to seeing the successes of our community celebrated on this prestigious stage.