As military partners, we’ve been a little bit forgotten. In the UK, Armed Forces Day is on the 24th of June this year, and the Month of the Military Child did wonderful things this April – but what about the other forces’ family members? The spouses, partners and other halves of our serving personnel?

 “If you think the members of the UK Armed Forces are impressive, you should see what their spouses, partners and other-halves are up to!”

May marks the fifth birthday of the Milspo Network, and so to celebrate this year, we’re bringing back our special Milspo May campaign to raise awareness about military partners who run their own businesses, encouraging everyone to come together to celebrate and recognise these fantastic members of the Armed forces family.

And, for our third year, we’re adding a new online campaign! #IAmAMilspoAnd

Our 2023 Online Campaign…

We know there is so much more to our non-serving military partners than what the outside world sees. Behind the scenes, we are innovators, entrepreneurs and go-getters, and we want to shout about how brilliant we are from the rooftops.

So, for 2023 we are taking over social media with our #IAmaMilspoAnd campaign, and we want you to join us!

The campaign encourages military spouses to share their stories on social media using the hashtag #milspomay and the introduction “I am a Milspo and…”


  1. Record your reels, videos, clips and pics, and share them throughout May – show the world that you are a Milspo and so much more!
  2. Tag the Milspo social pages so we can share
  3. Add the hashtags #IAmaMilspoAnd and #MilspoMay
  4. Use the hashtags to find others, just like you, who want to show Milspo’s brilliance worldwide!

You can also download some extra campaign graphics here.

In addition to our epic online campaign at Milspo, we’ll support our amazing non-serving partners in three special ways throughout May.

  1. Primarily, we’ll support our members to build successful businesses that can flourish and support their modern military world. So that they can, in turn, inspire and help others in our community. We’ll do this through the fantastic community network and our free Milspo events.
  2. Secondly, we’ll engage with an extended community to promote Milspo businesses to a greater audience. So that not only can Milspo’s make a more significant income, but they can also, by association, showcase this amazingly inspirational community to those who may currently be unaware. This is already proving successful on our business directory –
  3. And lastly, we’ll be promoting our community’s inspirational members at the government level through our work with the military Families Federations, the Partner Employment Steering Group, and individual government departments and our collaboration with Small Business Britain. To highlight their achievements and to help change opinions around our partner’s entrepreneurial ability.

Through online campaigns, meet-ups and showcasing, we plan to show the world just how impressive the partners of the UK Armed Forces are.

And you can help…

If you’re an Entrepreneurial Milspo

  • Use the #milspomovement and #milspobn hashtags in your social media so other inspirational Milspo’s can find you
  • Join our 2023 #IAmAMilspoAnd campaign
  • Download the Milspo Members Logo and add it to your website
  • Join hundreds of others, just like you, in our online community
  • Sign-up for the Milspo directory – 

If you are a decision member within the MOD, other government departments or a large business keen to support entrepreneurship for our service partners, we would love to discuss the #milspomovement and how you can help.  Email [email protected].

We are looking for sponsors for our amazing directory.

Your sponsorship will ensure that Find A Milspo can continue to run, grow and support thousands of military families all over the UK. We would be delighted to discuss the opportunity to support this platform and champion military partners in business. Please contact us – at [email protected]

Let’s show appreciation for these individuals by buying their products and services, spreading the word about their businesses, and thanking them for their service.

Overall, the Milspo May campaign is a powerful reminder of the vital role of military spouses in supporting their partners, their families, and our nation’s armed forces.