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Wednesday’s – 10.30am – Online

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We’ve been spending a lot of time inside these magnolia walls, recently. Sometimes alone or maybe without any adult company….and we all know how rubbish that can be! Our solution? We’ve been meeting up online.

Happy, positive, informal online chats over Zoom for if you’re feeling a bit lonely or overwhelmed during this pesky pandemic!

These informal, online chats are a way for our community to check-in, discuss the pandemic’s uncertainty, and, most importantly, connect with like-minded people. We can talk about anything – or not! You’re very welcome to join us, bring your small people if you need to, but most importantly reach-out if you need us. We would love to see you!

Since the start of March 2020, these online meet-ups have been running as a direct response to the lockdown spreading through Europe. As our friends posted abroad reached out were able to join up with them, make sure they were ok, and support them through those dark first days – and now, they do the same for us!

These meetings are one of the most wonderful support events created by the Milspo Network, and they will evolve in 2022, so we can keep offering offline meet-ups for anyone who might need them!

ALL military spouses, partners, and other-halves running or thinking of starting a business welcome. Please feel free to bring your children to the meetings. We don’t want you to miss out and they will be very welcome too.

For Milspo Meet-Up dates head to the Milspo events page for more information.

Milspo Events

So join us for this very special event that helps ALL of us, no matter where we are posted.

All you need to do to get involved is to join the Facebook community and where you’ll find the invitation to join and hundreds of others just like you for a great online session to help and support others in our community

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Thank you so very much for organising and hosting this morning. It was really lovely to speak with you, and thank you for your thoughts and support. I always really appreciate speaking with you – you are such a warm person, and your business acumen and advice is very valued. Thank you.

I really enjoyed the ‘Milspo Meet-Up‘ the week before last. I think they are really great tool for spouses in our shoes, running business within our magnolia walls, considering how isolated we are; even more so than ever before!

While the rest of us come to terms with the impact of social isolation you had already gone ahead and built a “coronavirus proof” model to support military spouses, partners and others. Connecting with others is so important in the day to day magnolia walled life of the military and now even more so. Thanks Jess for your inspiring vision and support

The network doesn’t stop when the session ends. When you join in, you’ll gain special access to the online community. There you can connect to a load of other Milspo’s who can help you build your business and offer support. It’s also the place to be for future information about the real-life networking groups launching in your area.

You can join now by following this link, and of course feel free to invite along any of your friends in business!

Join the Online Community

Got a question? It might be answered below – if not, just email us – hello@milspo.co.uk and I’ll be in touch

Why are you doing this?2020-02-21T14:55:31+00:00

Over the last eight years of running my design agency, I have found that business networking has been the best way for me to grow my business, find new clients and most importantly grow my own self-esteem. Military life is transient and with four postings since I first launched, I’ve found it more and more difficult to connect with other business leaders and establish a good network.

I don’t believe that any one of us should be disadvantaged by military life, no matter what stage our businesses are at, so the best solution to connect a whole network of Milspo’s is to create an inspirational space where we can overcome these location limitations and network virtually. It’s also incredibly lonely running a business from a married quarter and Virtual Networking is one way that we can combat that, without being limited by where we happen to live.

I want to create a quick and easy way for all Milspo’s, no matter where we are posted or living, to connect to each other and to inspire others to grow their businesses to their full potential. When I first started off I didn’t know anyone else doing this, but as I’ve built my business I have connected with a whole community of Milspo’s in business that have inspired me – I want everyone to be able to do the same without having to start from scratch after each posting.

‘You cannot be what you cannot see’.

What’s The Milspo Business Network™?2020-02-21T14:53:59+00:00

In June 2018 I started a podcast series called The InDependent Spouse®, where I interviewed some amazing business leaders that are also living within the military community. There are now three series and 32 interviews with inspirational military spouses, partners, and other-halves. With over 6,000 downloads it is clear that there is a load of us out there creating amazing things, whilst living the “magnolia wall life”. The aim of the podcast series is to inspire other milspo’s and to help you realise that you too can grow amazing businesses despite the pressures of military life.

You can listen along by following this link.

As the podcast gained popularity, it’s clear that there needed to be a digital solution for ALL military spouses, partners, and other-halves that are running their own businesses whilst living this military life. And so, with the creation of free Virtual Networking, and the accompanying online support group that went with it, it made sense to create The Milspo Business Network™ – a network for all milspo’s, that does not discriminate on gender, rank or location.

The Milspo Business Network™ now consists of an online community, monthly Virtual Networking, podcasts, free business support downloads, online training through ‘Ask the Expert’ events and deployment support.

Why is it free?2019-04-08T10:08:58+01:00

I use a fab piece of online software to record my interviews for the podcast series. Turns out it can also host meetings with more than one person. It seems like a no-brainer to use this very same software to connect others and that’s how the idea of the Virtual Networking was born.

Who can take part?2020-02-21T14:43:37+00:00

If you believe that you and your business are being disadvantaged by military life, and you think this sort of networking could help then it’s for you. There are no criteria to meet, your relationship status is not under review, nor is your partner’s rank, service or if they’re a reservist or full-time. It’s very simple. If you believe that you need to connect to a network of other Milspo’s in business then sign-up. I think that once you have lived this military life, in whatever shape or form, you have an insight like no other. Whatever stage you are at in your ‘military journey’ you can help others who might not be there yet.

However, The Milspo Business Network and it’s content is heavily focused around those that chose to be transient and start a business. This isn’t because I’m against any other way of doing it. Quite the opposite really. I’d love to be tough enough to stay in one place without my husband (we tried that, I was rubbish!). It’s simply focused on a transient life because that’s the one that I am living and know best.

What do I need to take part?2019-04-08T17:07:48+01:00

You just need an internet connection and a laptop or tablet. As soon as you sign up you’ll be sent a guide which will explain the next steps.

Don’t forget to add the date to your calendar – there will not be a recording of this event. It’s just for those who join on the date. There is only space online for a limited amount of members, so make sure you log-in early to get your seat.



How long is the Virtual Networking?2020-02-21T14:42:00+00:00

The planned networking takes around an hour but probably best to block out 90mins for this first session as there will be a Q&A at the end.


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