The Milspo Movement

The Milspo® Movement is a grassroots campaign on a mission to encourage everyone to support, value and buy from our entrepreneurial spouses, partners and other-halves™ (SPO) of the serving UK Armed Forces.

Since 2018 Milspo® has been highlighting the value that the SPO Community can bring to everyone, particularly our greater Armed Forces Community, and aim to change the conversation around the modern military partner and the value of their employment and contribution to the UK economy.

In 2022 and beyond our focus will be firmly on the Milspo® Movement. As our online community grows, we’ll be narrowing in on these three crucial points.

  1. Primarily, we’ll support our members to build successful, transient businesses that can flourish and support their transient military world. So that they can, in turn, inspire and help others in our community.
  2. Secondly, we’ll be engaging with an extended community, focusing on promoting Milspo businesses to a greater audience. So that not only can Milspo’s make a more significant income, they can also, by association, showcase this amazingly inspirational community to those who may currently be unaware.
  3. And lastly, we’ll be promoting our community’s inspirational members at the government level through our work with the military Families Federations, the Partner Employment Steering Group, and individual government departments with our collaboration with Small Business Britain. To highlight their achievements and to help change opinion around our partner’s entrepreneurial ability.

And you can help…

If you’re an Entrepreneurial Milspo®

  • Use the #milspomovement and #milspobn hashtags in your social media so other inspirational Milspo’s can find you
  • Download the Milspo® members logo and add it to your website – accessed through our online community
  • Join hundreds of others, just like you in our online community
  • Sign-up to our Milspo® events
  • Share the #milspomovement graphic on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

If you are a decision maker within the MOD, other government department or a large business keen to support entrepreneurship for our service partners we would love to discuss the #milspomovement and how you can help.

You can contact the team at


Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

    Milspo 2020 Impact Report

    It’s with great pleasure that we bring you the first Impact Report from the Milspo Business Network, showcasing our outstanding members and the work that has happened throughout the year. 2020 has been an extraordinary year for obvious reasons, but it’s also been a remarkable year for the network itself.

    We can be so proud of how the community has come together during this unprecedented time-helping each other through Covid-19, through operational deployments and of course, through the challenges of military life.

    A personal highlight is seeing how our members have been stepping up to help each other, with our ambassadors’ support, through the online events held throughout the year.

    We are a genuinely remarkable network and we am proud of the achievements of our Military spouses, partners and other-halves in business, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

    Enjoy reading about our remarkable year!