The Milspo Business Network is all about connecting the community, no matter where we are posted so that we can all be inspired by each other’s successes.

Our Milspo Team

Our volunteers come from a varied range of backgrounds and lifestyles. One thing they all have in common is their experience living and working as Milspos. They understand first-hand the challenges and triumphs of working for themselves or running a business while being a spouse, partner or other half of someone serving in the Armed Forces. 
They’re now focusing their experience  both personal and professional  on helping the Milspo Business Network grow, develop and flourish as a community for us all. They’ll be lending a hand with all elements of the network from fundraising to PR and social media. 

An introduction to the team…

Alex Kinnear-Mellor
Alex Kinnear-MellorMilspo Head of HR & Comms
Alex is an award-winning Brand and Marketing Director and Consultant, who loves to get under the skin of start-up and established brands.

Her ability to positively influence and develop key relationships across national and global business has seen Alex deliver for big brands in FMCG, agencies and the charity sector. She loves to think beyond the ‘rinse and repeat’ world of marketing toolboxes, tick boxes and auto-corrects, balancing tried and tested best practice with carving authentic, original ideas for a brand.

Forever a glass is half full lady, Alex loves bringing her high energy to the Milspo Group, and adores sharing, and using, her 25 years of communications expertise for the benefit of all the incredible SPOs out there, across the UK and beyond.

Alex spends her free time hanging out with her rescued animals, keeping her young son entertained, battling and nurturing the garden – and occasionally achieves the holy grail of managing to do all at the same time!

Daisy Watson
Daisy WatsonMilspo Copywriter, Editor and Content Strategist
Daisy has worked with words since graduating as a journalist over ten years ago. She’s worked in travel, technology, healthcare and everything in between. Now she’s using her skills to help the Milspo Network, as our volunteer copywriter. She’s yet to start her own business – she’s hoping that working with Milspo and our fantastic community will give her more of an insight into working for herself – let’s hope we don’t put her off!

Married to a military man since 2019, she’s spent most of her life as a spouse in lockdown, but she’s looking forward to what the rest of 2021 and beyond will bring.

Helen Holt
Helen HoltMilspo Head of Fundraising
Helen established Helen Holt Photography in 2015, initially focusing on child portraits and family photography. After photographing a number of friends (who also happened to be MILSPOs) when they needed professional images for their businesses, she discovered a passion for working with, and supporting, fellow independent business owners through the genre of Brand Photography. Helen specialises in helping female-led small businesses and entrepreneurs elevate their brand with bespoke images.

Helen is also an experienced Trust & Foundation fundraiser, having worked in the charity sector prior to marrying her husband, who serves in the RAF. She has worked with the same small charity for almost ten years and continues to write funding proposals for Action for Children and Communities in Africa, which runs programs that support children with developmental disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa. Helen and Jack have two small children and one large dog.

Rachel Luke
Rachel LukeMilspo Virtual Assistant & Business Support
I’m Rachel Luke, I set up my business in the midst of Covid-19 with the main aim of helping female-led small businesses with their admin and social media.

My business has now grown to include offering Power Hours to help people get the most out of their Social Media, live workshops on various Social Media and business topics, as well as my core element of helping small businesses find the extra time in their day by outsourcing their admin to me.

I honed my fast and accurate work technique over years spent working in the NHS where a mistake could mean the difference between life and death, but as my husbands RAF career has meant I have had to take a step back from my previous career, I now get huge amounts of joy from working with small business owners and helping their businesses to succeed.

Things that many people find “boring” I get joy from, whether it’s researching, scheduling or transcription, but nothing makes me happier than when I help someone to understand what they can do with their social media to get maximum results from minimum effort.