Dated – 29th April 2019

Here’s the most up-to-date information I can find. It’s quite an easy process and in the past I have gone through the chain of command.

Running a business from home makes sense for many families. It offers greater flexibility for Service families who move frequently or have child or caring responsibilities.

If you wish to use your Service Family Accommodation (SFA) to run a business you must gain prior written approval from your Local Service Commander and the Occupancy Services Team (email [email protected] or visit before undertaking commercial activities in your property.

How to apply for permission

As well as writing to your Local Service Commander you should contact the Occupancy Services Team. You will need to provide the full details of your proposed business and contact details.

You should be aware that some businesses will also require the permission of the Local Authority and you may need to meet certain criteria, such as hygiene requirements for food based businesses. If you plan to make any changes to your SFA to accommodate your business, you will need to contact the Occupancy Services team for permission. Please remember that any changes you make to your SFA will need to be returned to the original state before your move out.


When running a business from your SFA you should avoid any disturbance to your neighbours and neighbourhood. Noise should not be heard outside the property during the evening, night or early morning


If you use your garden as part of your business, such as a play area for childminding, make sure all risks are managed and that noise and damage is limited.

Avoiding damage

You are responsible for limiting damage to the SFA either by yourself, your family or visitors and for taking action to make repairs.


The MOD will not fund any improvements to your home to run your business


You must not run a business that would require installation of industrial machinery, require storage of heavy, large, toxic or explosive materials – or undertake car repairs at your SFA. Any suitable business should be safely managed.


Businesses or commercial undertakings that cause a nuisance to neighbours/neighbourhood are not permitted. For example, advice services (where members of the public would constantly visit the SFA) or a business that involved keeping a large number of animals.

Generally acceptable activities

These include the use of the SFA for things such as internet and home working, running a mail order catalogue business, kitchenware sales, being a cosmetic representative and registered childminding.