Every January, in the Facebook group we kick start our year with a bit of a boost. A business boost to be exact! Over 5-Days we run through the foundations that I believe are the best to help your business the success you deserve.

The feedback from the #2020BB event has been fantastic. I have been inundated by lovely comments and emails and feel so lucky to have such lovely followers…

It’s been hugely useful so far, I can highly recommend it to all business owners.

Jess, I’ve just completed day 5 of the 2020 Business Boost Challenge. You have obviously put so much time and effort into this, I have learnt loads. Thank you for helping us all out to develop our businesses to make them as great as possible. You are a complete star!

Claire Willshire, DR ME

The daily videos where we discuss the exercises in the workbook are still avaliable in the members community – but here’s a little taste of the days…

DAY ONE – 2019 Review & 2020 Goals

It’s so important when you run your own busines to stop and celebrate all you have achieved in a year. Usually, if you worked for a large company you would have a line manager, or a boss who would be there to give you praise. It’s not quite like that when you run your own business. You need to make your own praise, and this is what the first exercise was all about – reviewing your 2019 and celebrating what was amazing!

It’s also really important to work out the things that maybe didn’t go so well, or that you didn’t quite achieve. Why did this happen, and what can you change so that it’s different this year. The workbook gives space for that working out and brainstorming.

Next up is focusing on your 2020 and everything you want to achieve this year. Together we created our future selves through future diary entries and picked out 5 big goals for the year. The secret to achieving these goals is to break them down into manageable chunks.

How do you eat an elephant?

Find out in Video 1

DAY TWO – Goal Boards & Business Journalling

Day two was all about visualising your future goals and working out how to get there through visuals and journalling.

A goal board is the visual representation of what you want to achieve in your business, or life. I do this using a pin board and found imagery from magazines and google searches, but you can use anything – white boards, bluetak, pintrest – whatever you feel most comfortable with. You simply create your board and put it somewhere you look everyday. Mine is just above my computer screen. It helps me focus when I drift off and realise what all the hard work is working towards. There are inspirational quotes included in the workbook to help you build your board.

Business journalling is the process of writing out your previous day, or the plan for your day in a journal or a diary. I use mine to work out any issues I am having in my business or if I want to the answers to where to go next. It’s about taking time out to write down exactly what you think and where you are headding and to help you achieve the goals you worked on in Day One. It’s also a lovely thing to look back on to see how far you have come.

It’s something that isn’t necessarily common practice for business owners but I swear by them as mindest tools in my business. Why not give them a go?

Day 1 and 2 really set me on the right track again, helping me look back at 2019 and what I need and want to focus on for an awesome 2020. I hadn’t really put much thought into it all before! Which makes awful business sense. Thanks for everything you do Jess.

Andrea, B’s Clothing & Gifts

You can see my own goal board and hear pages from my business journal in Video 2

DAY THREE – Your Clients & Customers

A business that doesn’t make any money, and hasn’t the funds to pay for itself is basically just an expensive hobby! And, it’s safe to say if you don’t attract the right clients and customers, and then look after them, they’ll be off to find someone that does.

Day three was all about finding your dream clients, working out what they want, producing that for them and then telling the world just how much they love you! We discussed using analytics to find who you are attracting, what they might like to see on your social media and what to do with those lovely testimonials once you have them.

We also spent a little time talking about how very important email lists can be and how you can make then GDPR ready. This session was a really good starting place if you are struggling to find your dream clients amd customers and I would really recommend spending some time watching Video 3

DAY FOUR – Daily Planning

It’s so easy to get disctracted by shiny things! What do I mean by that? You’ll find when you are a business owner that you are inundated with offers, and platforms to ‘help’ you in your business. In fact you can lose hours of working time distracted by these things and never make any money. How do you stay focused?

My best tip is planning your hours and that’s what we discussed on Day 4, how to add you broken down tasks into hourly chunks, priorities three of them, and get thst done before anything else. You can achieve so much if you focus at one thing at a time and the free planner relly help syou with this.

You can find Video 4 still online over in the Facebook Community.

DAY FIVE – Social Media Audits for 2020

Is your social media REALLY working for you? On the last day of the challenge we focused on social media and how well it works for your business. You can literally spend hours building your social media following and connecting with people online, but is it working? Day 5 was all about auditing what you have done before, what your audience is after, and how you can apply the logic behind your most popular posts to your new social media content.

You can find Video 5 still online over in the Facebook Community.

The 2020 5-Day Business Boost Challenge was such a lovely event to kick-start the year, and I have loved hearing all the feedback. If you would like to get invloved there’s still time – just head over to the Facebook group and get stuck in! There are now over 400 other business owners in the group doing amazing things in business so you will be in good company. Hope to see you there – Jess x