Last month, The Milspo Business Network teamed up with Small Business Britain to launch an important campaign to support military spouses, partners and other halves in business during these difficult times.

Military spouses and partners, who already deal with unique challenges on a daily basis, are now facing even more uncertain times as their partners retask and deploy as front-line key-workers. The Milspo Business Network wants to support small business owners through this crisis and offer hope for themselves, their families and their staff.

What is Big Support?

Throughout May as part of the Big Support campaign, the Milspo Business Network selected 30 members to have their businesses exclusively showcased. Each day of the month, a different business was advertised and promoted by the Network, bringing that company to the attention of the Armed Forces community and the wider business community across the UK and beyond.

The Big Support campaign is a nationwide effort to help small businesses through the unprecedented situation facing them today. It aims to provide support ranging from direct business aid and mental health support to business showcasing.

“Having a community like this to call upon has been especially important during these unprecedented times. Owning your own business can be lonely and isolating at the best of times but having these wonderful people to engage with and seek support from has been fantastic!’ – Jenna, The Book Taster.

“Being a member of The Milspo Business Network is more than being part of any other normal business network. These men and women understand the strain and sacrifices that comes with military life. But more than that, they don’t use that as an excuse to grow and fulfil their own dreams.’ – Grace, the.Rainbow.Tree.

“The Milspo Network is such a supportive online community and they have done a fantastic job of keeping us updated on government advice and guidelines. The steady flow of positive stories is exactly what I needed, both as a spouse and a veteran starting out in business. The network is a safe space for us to reach out to other like-minded people and ask for help and offer assistance, knowing that you will be heard and your opinion valued” – Kelly, YourNorth

Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care said:

“A national effort is crucial to our coronavirus battle. We’ve taken decisive action to support small businesses during this unprecedented time for them and our country. It’s vital that support reaches them and no small firm or owner should feel alone. It’s fantastic to see The Big Support launched to help this effort. A massive thank you to all companies and organisations that have stepped forward.”

Jess Sands founder of The Milspo Network said:

“I am so proud to be able to showcase the amazing business leaders from our Milspo community that are going above and beyond during this very challenging time. We as a community often face adversity, but thanks to the support and collaboration of the network and Small Business Britain we are adapting and evolving to become stronger than ever. I feel very proud of our fantastic network.”

Thank You!

The Big Support campaign is happening with the backing of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for BEIS Alok Sharma, Small Business Minister Paul Scully, and BT.

Huge thanks to Small Business Britain for their unending encouragement during the The Big Support Milspo campaign.

The full list of the 30 businesses can be found over on the Milspo website, where you’ll also find links to online events, podcasts and business support training.