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The Milspo® Inner Circle Membership

Build A Dream Business that THRIVES in a Modern Military World

If you’re a military spouse partner or other-half, you’ve probably felt the full force of this military life and its damage to your career.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in starting your own business only to find that juggling it with deployments and family life left you overwhelmed, meaning disappointment, and postponing your dream business.

You struggle on through, knowing that there’s something missing – you know you are so much more than a ‘dependent’ or a ‘plus-one’. You long for something that’s genuinely yours.

You’ve been researching like crazy, and you have so many ideas for a business, but where do you start, and how do you keep going?

Or, maybe you’re a seasoned business owner who’s found some success that quickly turned into getting stuck with the daily grind, not knowing the best and easiest route to take to keep up the momentum. You know that there must be a better way.

But I’ve got good news: There’s absolutely a way for you to transform that place of overwhelm and loneliness into a place of confidence.

Where you can build that business you always dreamed of, where you feel supported and connected and more than just a dependent.

Welcome to the Milspo Inner Circle Membership

The Milspo Inner Circle is on a mission to help business-owning military spouses, partners, and other-halves go from overwhelmed, isolated, and uninspired ‘dependants’ into confident, focused entrepreneurs, building sustainable businesses that thrive in their modern military lives.

There are people just like you who were struggling but are right now building their businesses and pursuing their dreams.

They have found the perfect balance of being able to support their families and themselves while living in a modern military world.

They gained clarity and direction, building momentum in their business and finding themselves more confident than ever before.

Confusion and isolation have been replaced with clarity and community, and now they are building inspired businesses that are successful, sustainable and flourish around military life.

They have a guided roadmap that gives them a tried and tested path to the next step at all levels of their business journey. They meet, online and offline, to stay accountable. They create friendships that not only stop the isolation that comes with military and entrepreneurial life but keep them on track. They have clear goals set for their business and take action each day to build their business dreams. And they support and cheer each other along, knowing that collaboration means that they, too, grow stronger, more sustainable businesses.

They understand the importance of action and staying focused on the end goals. They are no longer confused by multiple learning streams and distracted by promises of yet another course. They no longer see the need for another expensive coaching programme or yet another Facebook group to get forgotten in – they now have focused, practical advice from experienced entrepreneurs who just ‘get it’, all hosted in one easy-to-use home.

The Milspo Inner Circle is THE place for military partners in business. As a member, you have access to a unique business incubator that supports you and your goals and will take you to the next level in business. It’s all about consistent progress and bigger results.

We’ll help you get laser-focused on your business and help you create the progress and growth you deserve.

This is THE home for all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves in business.

Hey there,

I’m Jess, the founder of the Milspo Network, military wife, mum, and business owner. Over the last 11 years, I have been running a business from my ‘beautiful’ magnolia married quarter while supporting hundreds of military partners to do the same.

But how Jess..?

By showcasing to them that it is possible to start and grow a fantastic business despite the tours, deployments, house moves and chaos of military life. In the Milspo community, we’ve helped so many members, just like you, build businesses that inspire them! Based on tried and tested methods that have been so successful, I’ve even written a book about it.

As we know, Armed Forces life can be a roller-coaster! Add a business into the mix, and it can certainly make it harder to hold on. We have such a unique life that finding the right tailored business support can be tricky, but that’s what makes the Inner Circle so special. It’s been built on the experience of many years of hard work, testing and input from other military partners who have rocked milspoprenurial life.

The Inner Circle is the ULTIMATE home for military partners who want to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of The Inner Circle

A Unique Milspo Inner Circle Success Pathway: Built especially for the Inner Circle, this five-stage roadmap will take you from confusion and doubt to thriving in business.

This pathway is the ultimate guide, no matter what business level you are at. This means that at every point, you will know which step to take next in your business—removing any confusion and giving you a structured plan to move forward.

Plus, quarterly Implementation Workshops to keep you accountable and on-track on your Success Pathway.

Exclusive Monthly Expert Masterclasses: Gain insights from experts and guest industry speakers on various topics such as career development, entrepreneurship, self-care, and more.

Guest speakers join alongside seasoned entrepreneurial Milspos to deliver workshops, which means that you never leave doubting whether their advice works within this military world, which matters when you live a life as unique as ours.

Plus, access to previous Masterclasses focusing on website building, LinkedIn, tackling Overwhelm and building a personal brand.

Private Community Forums: Connect with fellow Milspo Inner Circle members, share stories, seek advice, and forge friendships.

No more getting lost in the social media doom scroll. Find others just like you to inspire and connect with. Join other members who just ‘get-it’ removing the need to explain your circumstance yet again to those who’ve never lived in this military world.

Resource Library: Access a treasure trove of resources hosted in our Inner Circle Home Hub tailored to your needs, from downloadable guides to helpful articles, all created in audio, visual and transcribed format, ready for you to access at a time that fits you best.

These actionable and focused workshops, masterclasses and resources have been tried and tested, freeing you from any guesswork in business.

Accountability partnerships: Find your best new business buddy—an Inner Circle member who will keep you accountable, on track and supported.

You can find members across the armed forces world who will become your accountability partner, your biggest business supporter, and probably your new best friend.

Individual member profile: The Unique Inner Circle Home Hub hosts your own bespoke profile.

One that showcases you to other Inner Circle Members and allows you to find others, just like you, building their Milspo-owned business. Find members close to you for meet-ups and accountability.

Monthly and Quarterly CEO Power Hours: Keep on track with our CEO Power Hours, created especially to fit around your military and business lives.

These focused workshops give you guidance to build on the successes of the months before and support you to stay inspired in business. No more loss of momentum or distraction from imposter syndrome, meaning that you will never accidentally take a step backwards or make the same mistakes again.

Success Pathway Implementation Workshops: Keep on track and accountable with your business growth.

These live workshops provide the perfect space for you to work on your business and keep moving along our Inner Circle Success Pathway. No need to go it alone. We get together to iron out any queries you have on what step to take next and ensure that you hit your goals in the quickest and easiest way.

Innovative AI features to help when you need it: Your Home Hub features two innovative optimisation elements that allow full accessibility to all who join.

Our content assistant provides instant answers to questions 24/7 by hunting through all of the content – allowing you to pinpoint the exact answer quickly and efficiently. Giving exact summaries and the time stamp that the query is discussed. Freeing up your time for learning and building your business.

This, coupled with all content created as easily downloadable audio for listening on the go, or as transcripts for getting stuck into, means that you can digest all of the content in the best way that you find to learn – fitting it around your business and military life at a time that suits.


A Unique Milspo Inner Circle Success Pathway: worth £499

Exclusive Live Masterclasses with Industry Experts: worth £99 a month

Private Community Forums: (Priceless!)

Resource Library: worth £349

Accountability Partnerships: worth £97

Individual Member Profile: worth £25

Monthly and Quarterly CEO Power Hours: worth £97 a month

Success Pathway Implementation Workshops: worth £97 a month

Total Value: £1,263+

The Inner Circle is designed to give you precisely what you need at each stage of your business, whether you’re at day one or an established business owner.

When you join the Inner Circle, you won’t be left to figure things out by yourself.

What our members say…

What happens when you join the Inner Circle?

After you join, you’ll take a quick assessment to identify what phase of the Inner Circle Pathway you and your business is at. This will give you a clear roadmap to follow and help you take action straight away.

You won’t be left wondering, ‘Where do I start and what do I do next?’. Instead, you’ll have a clear idea of where you are and how the Inner Circle membership can help you best achieve what you need to do to take action and grow your business.

The Inner Circle Pathway is broken into five business stages, each one created to help you make progress and create the success you know you deserve.

No more confusion, overwhelm or panic – just a clear route to success, no matter how much business or military life tries to trip you up!

STAGE ONE : Our Kick-Start Stage

You’re raring to go, but you are confused as to how to get started. You need a clear map to show you how to kick-start your business dreams and launch that business you’ve always dreamed of!

The Inner Circle Kick-Start Stage will help you focus on the steps you need to take next to go from initial idea to launch day!

STAGE TWO : Our Clarity Stage

You have your product or services ready, and it’s time to launch and start selling. But how? You need a clear vision for your sales pages and social media, and you need help to build your audience.

Through stage two, we work out what’s best to attract your dream clients in the most time-efficient way. No more worrying about joining expensive courses, just a clear pathway to follow with easy-to-do next steps.

STAGE THREE : Our Confidence Stage

You are making good progress, but you’re starting to feel uninspired by the daily grind. Don’t give up! It’s time to work on your mindset and become a successful entrepreneur.

We get it! We’ve been there, too – there’s nothing like being blindsided by military life to dent your outlook. Luckily, we have experts on hand to guide you through those tricky days in business, giving down-to-earth, tangible advice that works in a modern military world.

STAGE FOUR : Our Resilience Stage

You are a success! But you are feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have the hours to do it all; You need help to keep your clients, support to build your network and keep up the momentum.

We’ll guide you through the painful growth years during stage four of the Success Pathway. Giving you a set route to work out what you NEED to do for your business rather than a never-ending list of what you could do.

STAGE FIVE : Our Thrive! Stage

You are a successful business owner!

It’s time to make some serious money, build your support team and become the expert everyone wants to work with!

Take your business to the next level. Our Thrive! Stage helps support you to move from a successful business owner to THE entrepreneur everyone wants to work with. With guidance on outsourcing, charitable aims, and CEO thinking, this stage is built to help you THRIVE in your modern military world.

Enrolment is now OPEN for our next team of amazing Milspo business owners, but hurry… doors close on the 28th of June at 4pm!


A Unique Milspo Inner Circle Success Pathway: worth £499

Exclusive Live Masterclasses with Industry Experts: worth £99 a month

Private Community Forums: (Priceless!)

Resource Library: worth £349

Accountability Partnerships: worth £97

Individual Member Profile: worth £25

Monthly and Quarterly CEO Power Hours: worth £97 a month

Success Pathway Implementation Workshops: worth £97 a month

Total Value: £1,263+

I’m just starting out… Do I need to have a business set up to join?2023-09-08T14:27:27+01:00

No, you are really welcome to join us! In fact, you’ll get so much out of the Inner Circle.

Not only can you gain from the resources on offer within the home hub, but you’ll also have access to a community of business owners who can show you the ropes of business and save you a lot of head-scratching!

I’ve been in business for years. Is this just for newbies?2023-09-08T14:26:50+01:00

No, not at all! The Inner Circle has been created whether you’re a seasoned spouse in business, or you are on day one – we’ll be here to support you.

If I decide it’s not the right fit for me, can I cancel my membership?2023-09-08T14:26:21+01:00

Of course! You have 14 days after joining us in which to cancel your membership for a full refund, and you can also leave at any time. However, please be aware that doors to the membership only open twice a year, and if you decide to leave and then return later as a member the membership price will have increased.

Are there any in-person events or meetups for members?2023-09-08T14:25:54+01:00

Yes! We love a good Milspo meet-up, and often run informal meet-ups alongside our big Milspo Live event in October. Depending on your location and the availability of local chapters, there may be in-person events and meetups near you. We encourage members to connect with each other both online and in their local communities by using the details of their bespoke members’ profile.

How much does it cost to become a member?2024-05-17T15:36:50+01:00

Current membership is £28/month, with no joining fee or VAT added. Please be aware that at the next opening, prices will be higher, and the doors to the Inner Circle are only open for a limited time, a few times a year – this is your chance for the best deal!

Am I eligible to join Milspo Inner Circle Membership?2023-09-08T14:24:31+01:00

Membership is open to all military spouses, partners, other-halves and widows of those currently serving in the UK Armed Forces – regardless of rank, branch, or location. If you are a SPO (spouse, partner or other-half) looking for support and connections, you are welcome to join. We are an inclusive gang at Milspo, so do get in touch if you feel you need some clarification about eligibility.


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