Today I’ve been chatting to Heather from the brilliant Forces Wives Challenge. Heather herself served in the regular army for 10 years and was deployed on operations, exercises and led expeditions throughout the world. She now experiences military life from the other side of the fence and is keen to give military wives the same exciting challenges and sense of belonging that she experienced whilst serving – and so Forces Wives Challenge was born.

The FWC seeks to unite wives and partners through adventure. They are working with the Royal British Legion to raise awareness of the isolation that some of us in this community live with. But it’s not just to raise awareness, it provides solutions too. In February 2019 12 military wives will seek to climb the highest volcano in the world in Chile. This is the first of many challenges that the team are planning with the idea of inspiring other wives to dare to dream and do it too.

It was great to hear what the FWC team are doing. They’re bringing together wives from all services and are creating some fab opportunities. I’m so excited I seem to have accidentally signed up to climb Everest!

I hope you enjoy this episode hearing all about the Forces Wives Challenge