Claire Willsher is the founder of DR ME, a qualified PE teacher, and wife of an RAF officer. Having worked in numerous schools throughout the UK and Europe she is passionate about educating people on the benefits of whole-body health.

DR ME runs interactive workshops focusing on 4 key areas: Diet, Resilience, Mind, and Exercise (DR ME). People can become their own doctor with the implementation of small, yet significant changes using the knowledge gained at DR ME workshops to increase their resistance to disease.

DR ME presents workshops in both education and corporate environments. Having seen first hand her enthusiasm for health spread to children, parents and staff alike, Claire believes that DR ME workshops encourage people and those around them to make informed choices, thus transforming them into the best they can possibly be.

She’s also involved in setting up a co-working hub in RAF Leeming. It’s something that’s very important for her and stems from her research into mental health and how a lack of connections and face to face time impacts our loneliness with a risk of causing depression and anxiety. By having a collective place to work, we can all reduce the loneliness and can help re-create a sense of purpose.

Claire is also a founding member of the InDependent Spouses in Business Facebook group and was one of the very first participants of the Virtual Networking events that were rolled out this summer.

This episode is a great insight into year one of running a business and how important health is to running your own company. I really hope you enjoy it!