‘If you have an idea, or see a need – address it! Anyone can help a cause if they are passionate enough’.

The Cariad Project JO was given life in 2019 by Alison Skipper. Alison moved to Jordan in 2018 taking up employment as a music teacher and volunteering with Loving Humanity UK. Whilst talking with urban refugee women she discovered that many were putting their family’s needs before their own, any materials on hand were used as makeshift pads due to having no money left to buy suitable period pads. Use of these makeshift pads mixed with a lack of menstrual health education results in an extremely high risk of infection and sickness.

The Cariad Project JO collaborates with NGOs in Jordan to provide safe reusable period pads and menstrual health educational sessions, these sessions provide information about how to correctly care for reusable pads and about healthy menstruation.

The main aims of the project are to empower local and refugee women through education and to alleviate the pressure on our environment caused by disposable period product waste.

What Alison has created is so very important, and such a positive response to what could have been a challenging international posting. I really hope you enjoy this episode.