Hello you lovely lot, and welcome back to the InDependent Spouse – the voice of inspirational people doing amazing things, who also happen to be married to serving Armed Forces personnel.

Today, in episode 30, I am talking to the completely lovely blogger and social media influencer Charlotte.
Charlotte started her Instagram account back in 2018 depicting her daily life as a mum, illustrator and wife. It was in 2019, when going through deployment that Charlotte started to share even more of her life – how the deployment affected her son, who was 2 at the time, and how she managed her life alone without a support network and the anxiety It can cause. the profile really took off and today she has over 22k followers on Instagram.

She talks openly about anxiety, body confidence and being plus-sized. She started her blog, mysizeismine.com in October which is a lifestyle blog but is centred around body confidence.

This episode is a fascinating look into the real world behind being so popular on social media, and how it can help you in your business. I hope you enjoy this episode with the lovely Charlotte.