Today I have been chatting to the lovely Meredith from the Royal British Legion.

After 100 years supporting the Armed Forces community, the Royal British Legion understands and recognises the challenges faced by serving people and their families. That’s why they’re still here to support us in any way they can. From financial support to housing advise, or just someone to chat to outside of the chain of command or patch, they will continue to fight for us 365 days a year. Head to their website for more information or to get involved in their centenary celebrations

A huge thank you to the RBL for sponsoring this podcast series. Without them it just wouldn’t be possible.

This episode with Merry is a great one if you’re running your own business, and you need of some social media inspiration. It’s also chock full of useful information about the RBL, and I would definitely recommend heading to their website to see all of the amazing support they have on offer. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.