Happy New year you lovely lot. It’s Jess and I’m back and series two will be launching this Monday the 14th January. This series is filled with some wonderful business owners, and projects that I know you’re going to love and find very inspirational.

But I need your help. As you might know The InDependent Spouse is a free podcast series that I launched last July to inspire military spouses in business. If you’ve watched my video with Polly on the BeGlad movement you’ll have seen that I really struggled during my very first posting and now I am determined that no one else should ever feel like that – I want there to be a way to showcase the amazing men and women in the military community who are achieving so many great things so that others know that they can do it too. I also want to show the wider world that military spouses are great despite the pressures that military life throws at us. I’m so proud of this community and all that we are doing.

But the problem is that it’s just me – sat in my married quarter doing everything that needs to be done for this. There’s no big team behind The InDependent Spouse – just me, my microphone, a couple of noisy cats and my very operational husband that sometimes helps with my technical issues. I need a team behind me and I am hoping this team is you.

If you like The InDependent Spouse and are excited for Series 2 then I’d like your help to spread the word. That might be through your Facebook page, your own business, or even just by talking to people. If you know someone that needs a little bit of inspiration then please tell them about The InDependent Spouse. Let’s make a change – it’s time that every military spouse is recognised as being brilliant!

So as I’ve mentioned Series 2 launches this Monday, the 14th January and it’s going to be a fab series. This whole series is dedicated to a very special lady. Kim Debling. Kim was an RAF officer who grew her own inspiring creative business and was due to be interviewed by me last year. Sadly Kim lost her battle with cancer and we never got to talk. So this series is for her, and for all you spouses out there. Just like Kim you are such an inspiration to me and I know that we are doing some amazing things and should be proud.

I cannot wait to start sharing the inspirational stories of Series 2 with you.