Today I’ve been talking to the wonderful Pollyanna Charnley from The BeGlad Movement.

In the BeGlad Movement Polly interviews inspiring people who have experienced terrible things but have found a way to move forward and she hopes that by sharing the stories of others it can help those who might still be struggling.

I first met Polly when I was invited to be interviewed as part of the BeGlad Movement project. We spoke about my mums’ Multiple Sclerosis and my own military life has affected me but how it has ultimately pushed me forward to create The InDependent Spouse. It was a very emotional interview and is still available to view along with over 100 others on YouTube.

Polly is genuinely a wonderful person, who is always on the lookout for the best things in life. This episode is jam-packed full of her positive outlook and solutions to life’s more difficult moments. I really hope you enjoy the very last episode of series 2.

Thank you so much for listening along. I am sad to say that this is the end of series two. It’s been the most wonderful series and I must thank a few people. Firstly to my amazing guests on this series, thank you for trusting me with your stories. To Aviva’s Community fund for helping with the cost of keeping the podcast series free. Of course a massive thank you to my sister for all her help with the audio and a big thank you to my very talented husband for being ace on a guitar!

And of course you lovely lot for listening along. The series has now had over 2,000 downloads which is just brilliant. But don’t worry, I will be back for Series 3 at the end of the year. We are posted again this summer but that’s not going to hold me back, I’ll be recording in-between packing all those boxes.

In the meantime, you can keep up with the InDependent Spouse by watching the Behind the scenes of my Magnolia Wall Life Vlogs on YouTube, or you can read the blog posts all about business, and make use of the free business and deployment workbooks that are now on the InDependent Spouse website.

So, that’s the end of series 2 – I really hope you have been inspired. I’ll be back soon, with another episode of The InDependent Spouse podcast. See you then!