Hello you lovely lot, I just thought it was time to give you a little update about the podcast series and when it will be back. There has been a world load of changes since I announced the new series back in February – something that has affected the release of the podcast – however, there have been some exciting updates happening while we’ve been locked down.

New Episodes have been recorded with the lovely Sarah Stone from the co-working hubs, Artist Hannah Shergold, Author Fiona Stanford and of course the COVID response episode with the fab Georgie from Chasing Lobsters whose advice for getting through this time is brilliant. I would highly recommend going back and listening to that episode if you are struggling. And of course, thank you to the Royal British Legion for their continued support with sponsoring this entire series.

But, it’s not just podcasting that’s been keeping us busy. If you are a member of the Milspo Business Network, you’ll have noticed a load of changes.

There’s the thriving Facebook networking group, which you are all very welcome to join where over 500 of us are supporting each other build amazing businesses. Make sure you’ve joined it. There are details over on milspo.co.uk.

We have been keeping up with the monthly online networking sessions that were launched last year to significant effect, and, in direct response to COVID 19 we now also meet every Wednesday to check-in and help the more isolated members of the network stay connected.

It was clear early on that a lot of us might struggle with deployments and postings at this time so I am thrilled to say that these weekly meet-ups – that we call Milspo Meet-Ups – are a massive success. So much so that we are already planning real-life meet-ups and a Christmas party when this is all over.

Unfortunately, as expected and experienced by all a lot of real-life events that we planned never made it to fruition, but that hasn’t stopped us. We are leveraging this new online life and building on previous experience to keep going. Now, we can keep building our network no matter where we are located, or indeed where we are locked down.

It’s been a very inspiring time connecting with so many new businesses and business owners and providing such a fantastic service during this challenging time. So much has been cancelled and postponed but the joy of the online world and the adaptable spirit of the armed forces community has meant that we can carry on when others have stopped. It’s unexpectedly been a very positive three months of lockdown, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have taken part in the events and online networking recently – to the new ambassadors and all of the members in the network – you’re amazing, and you inspire me every day.

Right then, that’s the end of this little update. I hope that you are as excited as I am about series 4. If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast then do that now, and please do leave a review – that would make such a difference to me, and it helps more lovely listeners like you find the series.

Until next time keep safe, keep your chin up, and I shall be back, very soon with some inspiring stories from our network.