Hello you lovely lot, welcome to episode 6 of this 5th series of The InDependent Spouse.

Today is a great episode if you are a parent, or a parent to be. I’ve been chatting to Dr Jill. Maternity doctor and founder of The Birth Café.

But, just before the interview I need to tell you about the amazing work from The Royal British Legion, who sponsor this series.

The RBL know that families are the most important support structure within the serving community. But time spent apart during exercises and operations has its challenges and can strain any relationship. As the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, the RBL works with its partners to support us when we need a bit of support ourselves. They are here for us 365 days a year, even if it’s just for a phone call to talk to a friendly voice. Head over to rbl.org.uk for more info.

Today I’ve been talking to Dr Jill, who has a wealth of experience as a maternity doctor, and as a military partner knows first-hand the sorts of challenges we face as parents in the armed forces community.

I hope you enjoy todays episode with Dr Jill.