Happy Friday you wonderful lot, I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying this new series of The InDependent Spouse.

This entire series has been sponsored by the Royal British Legion, who are gearing up for their busiest time of year.

The Royal British Legion have been the national champions of Remembrance for 100 years , but they are about much more than just poppies. They’re here 365 days a year to support us and our families. Whether it’s helping to ease the transition for your family into civilian life with finance and employment advice from their teams of experts, or helping get your business off the ground, they’ve got your back. Visit their website rbl.org.uk for more information.

Thank you to the RBL for sponsoring this series. It means that I can keep bringing you the inspirational stories from our epic military community.

My guest today is no exception. Eleanor founded Another Door to support others who wanted to reframe redundancy as an opportunity. Her book, Why Losing Your Job Could be the best thing that ever happen to you was published in November 2020 and is perfect for anyone looking at a change in their lives – perfect for any of us who have adapted due to Armed Forces Life.

Enjoy this shiny new episode of The InDependent Spouse.