If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that as soon as we get past Halloween, there’s another scary event on the horizon – tax season! Luckily, I know the most fantastic accountant, who also happens to be a military spouse, and Milspo Ambassador – and that’s who I am talking to today.

My guest today, Caroline Hocking, is an expert in all things tax and HMRC, so it gives me great joy to be able to bring you this episode today, just as we start creeping towards that January HMRC deadline. But, don’t worry – this episode may be all about finances, but it is far from boring. In fact, you’ll get so much from this whether you have your own business or not – so grab a pen, take some notes, and enjoy this episode of The Independent Spouse podcast.

If you have any more questions, and you’re a military spouse, partner or other-half that has their own business, head over to the Milspo community on Facebook – facebook.com/groups/MILSPO – where Caroline will love to help.

And, if you are looking for an accountant, or indeed a bookkeeper, I have just launched a very exciting new Milspo search website called Find A Milspo – an online directory where you can now find partner-owned businesses all in one place. It’s over at findamilspo.co.uk, perfect for finding that next Milspo business and makes it just that little bit easier to directly support the Armed Forces Community.