Today I have been talking to Grace, founder of the Rainbow Tree, blogger and children’s author. Her cross curricular art book, ‘Potty About Pots; Arts & Crafts For Home And School’, is written for 4-12 year olds and meanders her way through the history of ceramics in a fun and simple way for children.

Trained in the London art world, she worked for an International Art Consultant and Bonham’s Auction House. The day after getting married, she moved to Scotland where she found she could find no work in her area of expertise. After a year of looking she began to stop following the Art Market or reading anything to do with the art world as it was just too painful and doing nothing for her mental state. To add to this her husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months a year into their marriage. They found out the day before he left she was pregnant. Grace started work as a TA and she soon realised there was a fundamental lack of art being taught in Primary Schools. This inspired her to write her book, Potty About Pots which was published 2018 and a second book is already in the making.

As a busy mum of two she now writes at night and she freelances for Super Simple contributing content to their blog section. If she had to describe herself as a superhero, she’d be a full time Mummy by day and creative mastermind by night. I really hope you enjoy this 4th episode of The InDependent Spouse.